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Control of water quality is the key factor for a successful culture of aquatic animals like fish, prawn and shrimp. An open water system with sufficient good water quality may ensure successful aquaculture. High populations of aquatic animals can be kept healthy under successful semi-closed and closed systems by maintaining proper sanitization. The increased demand in water quality and quantity in shrimp and fish culture has resulted in a growing interest in using water sanitizers and disinfectants. By using these sanitizers we can reduce viral disease in fishes.



SBS Bact Kill is a versatile sanitiser used for aqua Culture as a complete solution for all types of bactria ,Fungal problems. It is a Bactericide and Cleans body from protozoa. Also helps for reducing disease in fishes and  moulting and Specially controls Gill rot, Tail rot and controls the antenna cut.


Sanmax is a powerful broad Spectrum Sanitiser which control bacterial and Fungal Diseases. It maintains clean and healthy plankton and improve oxygen dissolving capacity in water. Sanmax is a Virus control product has effective control on Pathogenic vibrio bacteria, and special control on virus infections.



Bottom clean is sir Biotech product for absorbing gas in the bottom level of pond to make perfect pond pH eraser is a organic PH controlling agent containing PH reducing substance which controls that PH slowly without affecting the ecosystem. The biotechnologically derived product which helps to improve water quality with it own alkalinity parameter gives better eqo life system two shrimps and fishes.



Zylogut is a biotech research water application product for the improvement of feed conversion to prawns and fishes in the aquaculture. It also improves the development of pathogenic flora with results in production of digestive disorders and fermentation process occurrence.

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