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Feed Supplements


Feed Supplements

Minerals serve as essential components for enzymes, vitamins, hormones, pigments, and co-factors in metabolism, catalysts, and enzyme activators. Shrimp can absorb or excrete minerals directly from the aquatic environment via gill and body surfaces. So, the dietary requirement of minerals is largely dependent on the mineral concentration of the aquatic environment in which the shrimp is being cultured.


gut food is nutrition food for shrims it contains vitamins

Gut Food is a special nutrition formula for shrimp containing vitamins, minerals, and immunizers in proper combination to take care of health and nutrition. In particular, Gut Food controls white muscle and gut problems and maintains good resistance to gut-affecting bacteria.


shell rich uniquely formulatted

Shell Rich is a uniquely formulated product to cover the deficiency of shell growth problems. The ingredients in the product with shell growth minerals quickly add the water quality to a sufficient level of minerals to easily get the prawns in strong and light muscles in the system.


vita care helps shrims to get muscle strenght

Vita Care helps the shrimps to get muscle strength, relief from stress disease resistance, and immunity power. Also, it helps to enhance high survival with control of loose shell problems.


immuno lact is immunity developer

Immuno Lact is a special nutrition formula for shrimps containing digestive enzymes, spirulina, vitamins, minerals, and immunizers in proper combination to take care of shrimp health and nutrition.


vibronic is use to size variation and growth maintanences

Vibronics is a virus control product that effectively controls pathogenic vibrio bacteria and special control virus infections. It also helps moulting control Gill rot and tail rot and correct the antenna cut. The herbal formulation in this product specially controls viral infection and resists viral formation in the shrimps and Prawns


sanitizers-for-ponds to feel fresh

Bindgel acts as a binder for all types of formulations in shrimp and fish feed giving strong binding properties.

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