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HEalth Care Feed Supplements


Health Care FEED Supplements

Aqua products and Health care Feed Supplements were used to improve water quality and control bacterial infections. Nowadays, there is documented evidence that probiotics can improve the digestibility of nutrients, increase  tolerance to stress, and encourage reproduction.


Vitamin C Supplement
vita care

Vita Care helps the shrimps to get muscle strength, relief from stress disease resistance and immunity power. Also it helps to enhance high survival with control of loose shell problem. Dosage: 10 gmper Kg of feed. Packing: 500 Gm.


Size Variation & Immunity Booster
vibronic sp

Vibrionic SP is specially formulated herbal cum growth maintenance product which particularly controls the size variation problems in the pond effectively. The product specially maintain the nucleotide level drops under stress conditions. Dosage:5-10 gmper kg of feed. Packing: 500 Gm


Cramp, Loose Shell & Growth
shell rich

Shell Rich is a unique formulated product to cover the deficiency of shell growth problem. The ingredients in the product with shell growth minerals quickly add the water quality to sufficient level of minerals to easily get the prawns in strong and tight muscles in the system.
Dosage: 5-10 gm per Kg of feed.
Packing: 500 Gm.


Liver Protection

Seamin is a bio technological formulation with organic Mineral supplement capable of managing the pancreas protection from diseases in prawns so as to make better growth of shrimps and fishes. Specially it improves survival and health of aquaculture species.
Dosage: 5-10 gms Seamin per kg feed as supplement for prawns and fishes. Packing: 500 Gm.