Our Message

We, GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES are to understand Indian soil, Indian Crops and Indian farmers, delivering our products in the Indian Market and trying to catch the various other international markets. GREEN CARE BIOSCIENCES is deeply committed to protecting crops and food grains for the benefit of humanity. We ensure that our products are safe and environment friendly. GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES is promoted by a group of agri entrepreneurs of postgraduate in chemistry and agricultural scientists having vast experience in universities.

GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES has successfully developed a loyal customer base across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Hariyana , Tamilnadu , Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka by not only providing quality products but also extensive market development activities. Because of this we have developed excellent reputation among our customers and farming community. GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES is a responsible company that operates at the highest level of integrity and ethics.


our focus

We will focus our activities on finding practical solutions to the field problems. We have constituted farmers research group to identify and analyses information on the value of our products to their community.
Thus GREENCARE BIOSCIENCES is committed to Nano Technology for improving the scenario and bringing efficiency to the agriculture and food sector. Our ultimate aim is to create agricultural innovation for more production in terms of quality & quantity.