GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES adapts Japanese principles of 'Kaizen' and "Genchi Genbutsu". That is kaizen principle introduces and develops continuous  improvement the technology  in  developing the range of  products and shorting out the in-house material  requirement for production and market.

green care


Genchi Genbutsu principle means GO AND SEE, i.e. we believe in the market reality in the actual agricultural field according to farmers. Totally GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES brings the Indian farmers very near to advanced application of product requirements as per today’s market to enhance the optimum balance in techniques and reliable performance and makes our nation GREEN IN agricultural health and wealth.

GREEN CARE BIOSCIENCES is committed to harnessing the potential of Nanotechnology to improve technology the scenario and bring efficiency in the agri and food sector, particularly in India. Among the initial Nanotechnology steps, we at GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES have started:

Part of the enzyme systems of plants

Play important roles in redox reactions

Play important roles in photosynthesis.

Involved in osmotic and cation neutralization