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Growth Enhancers

The organic formulation Growth Enhancers plant growth, increases Growth Enhancers plant  yield, and acts as a biological protection from harmful pests such as nematodes, bacteria, and fungi. The innovation is primarily composed of all-natural microbes, including Trichoderma Harzianum, a biological fungus used as a fungicide, and Pseudomonas Fluorescence, a living bacterium that protects Growth Enhancers plant roots from parasitic fungi and parasitic nematodes. Botanical ingredients, Neem cakes, and Pongamia cakes, (“De-Oiled”), interact with these bio-agents in a complementary manner. The unique combination of ingredients stabilizes soil and naturally suppresses diseases that can devastate entire crops. In general, the most illustrative trials show a reduction in nematode populations and galling or infestation of roots of crops. Growth Enhancers it can be applied through the whole production cycle from seed to field.

Green Charger

Root Enhancer
green bio charger

Green charger is an organic composition of Potassium Enriched with Humic & Fulvic Acid Combination developed through natural source has the best characteristics as a fertilizer. It stimulates the secretion of hormones specially to develop more roots to strengthen the plant and also to increase photosynthesis required for plant growth which enhances the yield. Dosage: Mix 3ml of Bio Charger in 1 litre of water and spray on crops. It is compatible with Pesticides and Fungicides.
Packing: 250ml, 500ml & 1 Ltr


Nano Tech Growth Specialist-Tablets

Bangaaram tablets a new innovative technology which promotes the organic farming without harming the environment. The product contains growth promoting incredients of special spirulina concentrates which gives two special types of growth in plants as immediate and after 15 days time. This two times growth in single spray is a modern technique of effervescent technology
Dosage: 10 Tablets per acre or One tablet for 10-15 liters of water Packing: 100 Tablets.

Bio Jamay

Fruit and Flower Promoter
bio jamay

Bio Jamay is a specially formulated growth promoting product for enhancing the fruits through stem elongation and cell division.
Dosage: Apply 10 gms per 150 litres of water. Packing: 10 Gm & 250 ml.


Fruit Shiner

Verde is a growth promoting enzyme product for all types of agricultural crops. It specially increases photosynthesis, quality of fruit in all crops.
Dosage: Apply 2-2.5ml per litre of water for all fruit crops
Packing: 250 ml.

Yes Winner

Yield Provider
yes winner 1 lt

Yes Winner is a biologically derived natural product of sea weed extract which is developed through latest technology to develop more growth in plants and improves crop quality with higher yield. It is compatible pesticides and fungicides.
Dosage: 2-3ml per litre of water depending on crops.
Packing: 250 ml, 500 ml & 1Ltr.


Fruit and Flower Enhancer

Bangaaram is an excellent plant growth stimulant in well balanced combination of sea weed and folic acid formulation which enhances photo synthesis in plants which provides more number of flowers and fruits. Specially it controls flower drops and fruit drops.
Dosage: Mix 100ml of Bangaaram per 100 litres of water and spray for crops.
Packing: 100ml, 250ml & 500ml.

Organic Zinc

Organic Nutrient Fertiliser
organo zinc

Organo Zinc is an organic Fertilizer developed through natural source has the best characteristic as fertilizer. It supports photo synthesis to strengthen the plant, Specially it produce more growth in all crops which enhances the yield.
Dosage: Mix 1-1.5 gm of Organo Zinc in 1 litre of water and spray on crops. It is compatible with Pesticides and Fungicides. Packing: 150 Gm.


Amino Brasso Mixture
amino top injection

Aminotop is a nano tech plant growth vegetables orgin product. The product is special for flower stimulation and growth of the plant. Also it accarlates to absorb micro and macro nutrient from soil and makes the plant healthy with good yields.
Dosage: 10 ml per 200 liters of water. Packing: 10ml

Greeno NPK

Organic NPK Fertiliser
greeno npk

Greeno NPK contains multiple organic acid and essential major nutrients formulated with Organic micro and macro nutrients to address NPK deficiency for all crops say. commercial crops, Cotton, Red & Green Chillies, Sugar cane, Pulses and Oil seeds, Paddy, Wheat and all other Cereal crops, Cardamom, Tea & other Plantation crops, Floriculture & Horticultural crops, Grapes, all Vegetables crops.
Dosage: Dilute 2.5-3.0ml Greeno NPK in a liter of water and spray for all crops. Packing: 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 Ltr.

Greeno BMC Mix

MIX Flower Booster
greeno bmc mix

Greeno BMC Mix is a mixture of Bio-available hydrolyzed protein derived from vegetable source and other organic acids, further enriched with Boron, Magnesium, Calcium and nutrients in the organic form which are essential for plant growth. Dosage: Dilute 2.0-3.0 ml. Greeno BMC Mix in a liter of water and spray for all crops, Greeno BMC Mix is 100% compatible with all pesticides/fertilizers Packing: 250 ml & 500 ml.

Greeno Calcium

Fruit Quality Improver
greeno calcium

Greeno Calcium is a mixture of Bio-available hydrolyzed protein derived from vegetable source and other organic acids, further enriched with Calcium and fruit ripening nutrients in the organic form which are essential for plant growth.
Dosage: Dilute 2.5-3.0 ml in a liter of water Packing: 250 ml & 1 Lt.

Bio Grill

Viral Protector
bio grill

Bio Grill is an organic composition which has special effect to control Virus diseases which act as a biological agent.
Dosage: 2.0-2.5 ml per litre of water or 250ml per acre.
Packing: 100ml & 250 ml.

Bio Gold SP

Root Promoter & Energy Booster
bio gold sp-pouch

Biogold SP is a product of 85% humus material which changes biological system in the plant by supplying organic elements in chelated form which supplies instant energy and health to the plants immediately. It develops more roots to strengthen the plant. Specially it produce more tillers in paddy and wheat, also support photo synthesis which enhances the yield.
Dosage: 1.0-2.0 gmper litre of water. Packing: 50 Gm, 100 Gm, 250 Gm & 1 Kg.


Soil Fertility & Soil Diseases Controller
winner pouch

Winner is a new technology bound innovation to increase the fertility of soil and protect the soil from soil bom bacterial and fungal species. The product consists of natural minerals, hydrolysed protein and other organic composited make free of soil from infertility and capable of protecting from soil insects, nematodes, wilt and other all fungal diseases.
Dosage: 1 Kg per acre
Packing: 350 Gm & 1 Kg.

Bio Smart

Organic Fungicide
bio smart sticker

Bio Smart is a effective growth protector in control for fungals and has special effect in fungal spots blight, rice blast problems. Dosage: 2-2.5gm per litre of water and spray throughly both sides of the leaves Packing: 100 Gm & 250 Gm

Bio Therapy

Plant Protection
bio therapy

Bio Therapy is an advanced Bio-Technology based research product containing highly specialized bio- components in natural form and in such a concentration that gives protection from soil insects such as nimatode, soilworm and soil infectes that are damaging. agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops, Dosage: 8 ml per litre of water.
Packing: 1 Ltr.

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