"He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food supply
and multiply the seed you have sown
and increase the fruits of your righteousness."

- Bible -


GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES adapts Japanese principles of 'Kaizen' and "Genchi Genbutsu". That is kaizen principle introduces and develops continuous improvement in developing the range of products and short out the in house material requirement for production and market. Genchi Genbutsu principle means GO AND SEE ,ie we believe in the market reality in actual agricultural field according to farmers feed back. Totally GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES brings the Indian farmers very nearest to advanced application of products requirement as per the today’s market to enhance the optimum balance in technology and reliable performance and makes our nation as GREEN IN agricultural health and wealth.

GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES is committed to harness the potential of Nanotechnology for improving the scenario and bringing efficiency in the agri and food sector, particularly in India. Among the initial Nanotechnology steps, we at GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES have started:

    a. Collaborating with researchers and companies manufacturing useful nanotechnology driven agro products
    b. Doing more applied research in Nanotechnology and study as to how to customize these processes and products to primarily suit the Indian requirements
    c. Taking these nano products in the market and to demonstrate their real time ability
    d. Getting back to the companies with user feedback about the nanotechnology , its cost and other operational issue